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                  Biological Laboratory

                  Our skillful workforce will not only assist you in technologies but also provide services to fully satisfy the growing customers’ demands on our products.We, as a company, continue to search for opportunities to improve our services, gain more customer recognition, and earn a reputation for responsiveness and dependability.

                  1、Determine the inhibition zone diameters with filter paper;

                  2、Minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC) test;;

                  3、Dry film resistance;

                  4、In-Can preservation;

                  5、Total viable count (TVC);

                  6、Microbial kill rate and dose;

                  7、Biocide comparison test;

                  8、Compatibility study;

                  9、Formulation support.

                  SupportFactory cleaning consulting and field support

                  Good production environment is an important prerequisite for quality assurance, this antibacterial mildew laboratory provides the following services:

                  1、To learn about the surface surrounding the factory production environment, the extent of the production process to detect bacterial contamination, including process water, raw materials, products, air and walls, etc., make the appropriate microbiological testing;

                  2、For preservative being used to make the necessary compounds evaluation;

                  3、Offers workshops and products of microbial contamination evaluation, and reform program proposed;

                  4、Provide targeted lectures and training of technical personnel.

                  ABP Preservative system

                  1、A fungicide application effect is good or bad, depending on the organic unity of the following three areas:Antimicrobial agent、Biological And Product;

                  2、Successful mildew preservative system, not just the fungicide engineers, microbiologists thing, can not be separated and your exchanges and discussions;

                  3、Mildew corrosion product requirements are available through the choice of fungicides, testing and customer microbial production processes have been satisfactorily resolved.

                  4、Biological Laboratory to provide you with the appropriate technical support, build customer mold rot microbes file, together with efforts to build a successful preservative (mildew) system.