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                  Shanghai Wan thick Biotechnology Co., Ltd. belongs to antimicrobial agents, preservatives, antifungal agents, pharmaceutical agents to kill algae professional manufacturers and service providers, has been committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly products and green safety microbiological control microbial control technologies. The company is located in High-tech Park in Shanghai City, North. Shanghai Wan thick and strictly enforced by the ISO90001: 2008 quality standards, standardized management and development, production, sales, service and other sectors. Of which 10,000 bacteria cleared, Wan mildew net series products are widely used in emulsion paints, adhesives, leather, plastics, paper, textiles, marine pollution, bamboo wood, electronic materials, inks, metalworking fluids, water treatment, personal and family care, wipes, health and other related fields disinfection sterilization, corrosion, mildew, kill algae.

                  Companies based in science and technology innovation strategy, through independent research and development system, has introduced competitive products and services to market, the majority of products to help manufacturers improve product value, enhance corporate brand.

                  Wanhou Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is a leading fine chemical manufacturer focused on delivering innovation technology and service excellence to our customers.We is focus on environmental Microbial Control Agent and safe Microbial Control technology,and she is highly successful in these business. Wanhou is located in Shi Bei high & new technology zone,Shanghai . Our  main  products  include  CMIT,MIT,BIT,DCOIT,MIT,OIT,BBIT,DMDMH,DBNPA,Bronopol,PHMB,PHMG,PCMX,DCMX,Glutaraldehyde,Quats.We have more than fifty different biocides to serve the following industries:

                  Coatings; Adhesives; emulsion polymers; Ink; Leather; Paper and Pulping; Water Treatment; Textile Chemicals; Fiber; Plastics;Metal Working Fluids; Cosmetics and Personal Care; Wet Tissue ; Wood and Bambooe; marine antifouling.