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                  一、The company's overall development objectives

                  With the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, the industry in the field of microbial pay more attention to prevention and control, companies must seize the opportunity to accelerate development, adhere to independent innovation, increase technology and product development efforts, tracking the latest technology related fields at home and abroad, strengthen frontier and basic research and product innovation and technology-oriented, improve product competitiveness, increase marketing efforts, and gradually establish a sound marketing network covering the whole countryService centers, to become the industry leader.

                      二、The company's development strategy

                      以“Is committed to providing the most professional technical support services in the field of prevention and control of microorganisms to become a domestic and international authoritative experts in the prevention and control of microorganisms"For the vision of "quality first, customer first" service for the purpose, "the intentions of the experiment, with love service" service concept, focusing on the use of microbial technology services related fields, and by extension to the upstream and downstream industry chain, with new technology and new product development as the core, parallel two business development services and products.

                      Microbial Technology closely tracking new technologies and applications, strengthening R & D investment to technology innovation, product upgrades and new product development, expand the scope of products and enhance market competitiveness and customer awareness, actively and steadily expand the market, become the leading domestic and international companies microbial prevention.

                      Make full use of leading-edge technology, thanks to its strategic, marketing network, marketing services regional center building brands, enhance the competitiveness of technology services, to become the most competitive production using microbial technology fungicides, preservatives, fungicide product offers providers. 

                  三、Next year development plan

                  In the next three years, the company will carry out technological upgrading of existing products, to create the radiation, the service efficient microbial tech marketing network; strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad leading subject of cooperation, enhance the company tracking technology in the field of microbial technology strengthen the company's management level, especially the reform and actively explore business model innovation, strengthen marketing, to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, occupying a leading position within the industry, has become an even greater social value;, the level of innovation and new product development and other aspects of outstanding enterprises.

                  ,Ensure implementation plans and objectives adopted or pathway

                      To ensure the realization of the company's development plan and development goals, the company will adopt measures in several areas:

                  1、Accelerate the introduction of talent and personnel training

                  Talents increase efforts to improve the treatment of high-level technical and service personnel, improve establish an orderly and efficient internal management system, to attract high-level staff to join the company.

                  Strengthen efforts to train personnel, the company has established in-house training system that can effectively accelerate the speed of the internal personnel training for potential employees for orientation training, to enhance hematopoietic mechanisms of internal personnel training, accelerate talent internal updates. Through these measures, the company will form a talent pool of internal resources, the provision of adequate human resources for the future sustained and rapid development of the business.

                  Through the above talent introduction and training of personnel measures to further maintain the stability of high-level management and technical personnel, and train more high-level personnel, to meet the needs of the company's business development.

                   2、Enhance the core technology research and development capabilities, participation in national research projects

                  The company will issue the way of cooperation, based on the latest progress in the field of microbial prevention and control, establishment and business issues related to forward-looking, with excellent research teams in universities and research institutions to accelerate microbial technology and related fields to master the latest technologies, accelerate basic Research core technology.

                   The company will pay close attention to changes in government microbial technology and related fields to encourage and support policies, and actively participate in major projects and microbial technology-related government, the introduction of funds for research and development projects at the same time, access to state and local government funding support for the project, but also conducive to the development of the project in full compliance with national policy requirements, reduce project development risks.

                   3、Improve management, risk management and control

                   The company gradually improve the ISO9001 quality management system, the various aspects of the business carried out effective risk management and control, implementation of sophisticated financial management, reduce all kinds of costs. The company will be based on business needs sustained and rapid development, further strengthen the management system, to continue to reduce the cost and improve the capital turnover.

                   Through these methods, you can effectively control risk, reduce the risk of adverse effects, ensuring the company's development plan and development goals.

                   、Business Development Planning and existing business relationships

                   The company's business development plan is based on the existing business, combined with the actual situation, according to the development trend of the industry, after careful consideration and feasibility studies identified. The company's existing business is the foundation of the development plan, the development plan will help enhance the company's existing business, market penetration, expand their business scope, the company has brought a long-term and stable income, generate new profit growth point, resulting in greater economic and social benefits. Implementation of the company's business development plan will greatly enhance the company's overall competitiveness, provide the source of power for the size of the company and the brand continues to develop and achieve big step development of the company's main business, provide a solid foundation for sustainable development.